The mentalist - “Does anyone know who you are?”

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Lying in bed, thinking of Patrick. You’re a little in love with him, heh. But he’s so secretive and controlling, that’s hard, isn’t it?

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Notice how both Jane and Lisbon form the word ‘yes’ as they look away.

Amazing what you see when the action is slowed down…!

breaking my heart here

Jane also takes a deep breath at the revelation. It means something to him. If he didn’t feel the same way he’d have been more like “oh” but here his chest literally expands. He feels it.

oh the feels….

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Director Bertram is either Red John, working for him, or just a giant shipper. He’s way too interested in Jane and Lisbon’s relationship. 

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The mentalist - 1X10

One of Favorite Moments #6

"Never mind."

2.04 & 3.23

Robin Tunney not tripping since 1997 (x) (x)

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the mentalist 2x03

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